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Working with Hired Hand

We are seeking experienced, general transcriptionists or proofreaders who are available for work at home during normal business hours and occasionally during the evenings for rush jobs.

Both positions require someone who has good listening skills, is aware of current political and cultural events, and is looking for an income supplement. Retirees or stay-at-home parents with the required experience, good English language skills, and at least some college education would be particularly well-suited.

Transcriptionists and proofreaders who work with Hired Hand do so as independent contractors.

Required equipment and software include:

  • A computer with a high-speed internet connection

  • A foot pedal (this is critical for transcription, less so for proofreading)

  • Microsoft Word--not Microsoft Works which is a different program

  • Familiarity with Express Scribe or a similar transcription program

  • Uploading, downloading, and transferring digital files

If you feel you meet the criteria above, you are welcome to submit your resume to: info@hiredhand.com.

Please be certain that your resume enumerates your education and your specific previous experience with general transcription or proofreading.

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