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Improving Audio Quality

An accurate transcript depends upon a clear and audible recording. That involves more than putting a microphone or cell phone on a table or next to a speakerphone and beginning to record.

Too many people make that mistake and then find that, instead of a clear recording, they hear paper shuffling, people coughing, air conditioner noise, a pen tapping on the table, their own voice talking over those they were recording and obliterating what was said.

The choices you make when setting up and recording your interviews and discussions can be responsible for the difference between a clean accurate transcript and one filled with the dreaded [INAUDIBLE] throughout its pages.

Hired Hand believes that, whenever possible, a transcription company should be involved before the recording process begins.

We will be happy to send you suggestions on improving audio quality for your recordings with no charge or obligation. If you have additional questions about the recording process, don't hesitate to contact us.

We are available by phone at (520) 326-8831 and by e-mail at info@hiredhand.com.

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